Small Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

Operating a small business or local nonprofit organization integrates you into the fabric of your community in a way unlike any other.  Adding your footprint to the local community is an important and sometimes complex endeavor.  I'll make sure the focus is on you and the specific needs and goals of your particular project.

Formation & Startup

Taking the first major step and formally organizing your small business or nonprofit is extremely important, as the formation process will affect your organization for its entire duration.  For example, the choice of how to organize a small business (as an LLC, partnership, corporation, sole proprietorship, or other entity) affects how the business is taxed and the liability of the owners for the business's financial obligations.  A new nonprofit organization will encounter many of the same issues.  Contact me as you begin the setup process, and we'll make sure that nothing interferes with the important goals you've set for your organization.

Contracts, Financial Obligations, & General Liability Issues

Your small business or local nonprofit is probably a party to many contracts at the same time.  Understanding how these obligations factor into your day-to-day operations is essential to maintaining an efficient organization.  Contracts can lead to unanticipated problems, and sometimes you realize that the best avenue is to see if you can modify or get out of an agreement.  Beyond contracts and financial issues, small businesses and nonprofits are subject to a range of possible liability issues.  If a visitor slips and falls at your office or an employee gets hurt at work, you'll have to deal with the resulting liability.  In any event, I'll work to protect your business and help you minimize any interruptions in your operations.

Whether you need help with forming your small business or nonprofit and preparing documents for the Secretary of State, or you have questions about contracts or any other legal issues relating to your new or existing venture, I can help you explore your options.  Contact me, and we'll set up an appointment to discuss your questions and see how I can aid your local business or nonprofit organization.